The moon is still high in sky and our bakers begin to dedicate themselves to the refreshment of the mother yeast that we use for many products, savoury and sweet. But it is only keading it that they realize when it is perfect to be used. It is this knowledge, that depends on the wisdom of the baker in smelling the perfume of the dough, which allows to transform a normal bread in a jewel that we want on our table. Indeed, no thermometers, nor precision tools work better than backer's passion for bread. 

And it is when you break with the hands a loaf of bread just taken out of the oven, that is released the round heat of the bread cooked on the stone and slowly risen, that prepared with good ingredients, as much as possible zero-mile, which respect the earth and your health. You immediately feel that it is done according to nature. Thus, this is how we like to make bread.