Ottavo e ultimo appuntamento con i corsi PasticciARTE edizione 2018/2019! Tema di questa giornata: la focaccia! Dalla preparazione della focaccia genovese alle focacce farcite, scoprirari [...]


Settimo e penultimo appuntamento con i corsi PasticciARTE edizione 2018/2019! In questa giornata spazio ai biscotti!  Scopri il nostro modo di interpretare la biscotteria: dalla frolla [...]


Sesto appuntamento con i corsi PasticciARTE edizione 2018/2019! In questa giornata imparerai tutti i segreti dei Macarons! Dall’impasto alla ganche per la farcitura, scoprirari [...]

PasticciARTE 2018/2019!

Eccoli, sono arrivati! Dopo i sold-out degli anni passati, anche quest anno vi proponiamo i corsi PasticciARTE per far scoprire a chi lo vorrà alcuni dei nostri segreti!  Fai [...]

Torinesi breadsticks

One of the most well-known product, explained step by step in order to reproduce at home a must of the Italian cuisine and amaze your friends of fork. From the dough preparation with whole [...]

Special bread with our whole wheat flour

Our new project becomes also a course, in order to discover the secrets of a bread made with regional wheat and totally bio! Bread preparation with our regional whole wheat flour (Mulino [...]

Pizza gourmet and focaccia

The 6th appointment with PasticciARTE is all dedicated to doughs... Classic pizza and special doughs, preparation of Genoese focaccia.

Big pizza

Discover with us the preparation techniques for light and digestible doughs! This is the 5th appointment with PasticciARTE, as always in Strada della Rosandra, 50, from 17 to 20 o'clock. [...]

Puff pastry evolution

A timeless classic of pastry revised in a modern key, for always more tasty recipe! The 1st December 2017, in Strada della Rosandra, 50 from 17 to 20 o'clock, the 4th appointment with our [...]

Shortcrust pastry evolution

The evolution of classic shortcrust pastry with the most modern techniques, for always new creations! The 17th November, we wait you in the point-of-sale of Strada della Rosandra, 50 from 17 to [...]

Bon Bons

From the chocolate tempering to the preparation of various types of ganache dressings.Dalla tempera del cioccolato alla preparazione di vari tipi di ripieno con ganache. A sea of sweetness to [...]

Sordough starter

First appointment with PasticciARTE courses! You will discover all the secrets about the sordough starter: natural leavening, how to create and maintain it, the employ for the preparation of [...]

PasticciARTE 2017/2018!

And after the soldout of the last edition, also this year we propose our PasticciARTE courses to reveal to whom desires some of our secrets!Let rise your desire to learn ...   The [...]

Assemble a cake

Last appointment with courses of PasticciARTE is arrived. Friday the 17th March, so, you coud learn to assemble a cake through the basical stages of costruction: dressings and garnishes [...]

Sponge Cake

Next to last appointment with the course PasticciARTE, dedicated to pastry-making. This time we will talk about Sponge Cake:  the classical basis for cakes and greedy variations of the [...]


The new course of PasticciARTE is dedicated to pastry-making and in particular to the BISQUIT dough, the sponge cake to create rolls and basis for cakes.  The course takes place next 17th [...]

Sweet breads

The series of courses PasticciARTE continues with the sweet breads. Splendid little bombs with chocolate drops and walnuts are waiting to be served on your tables after being created by your own [...]

Gourmet pizzas

Gourmet pizzas, different preparations and recipes

French bread

A more digestible preparation, low fat and yeast content.

Mixtures with stone-ground flours

Mixtures with stone-ground flours and hand made preparations

White bread dough

Preparation of loaves of breads and baguettes

PasticciARTE 2016/17!

This year as well we have decided to spend some time together with those who wants to learn the secrets of our kitchen! The last edition was a success and we have been able to teach to [...]


Do you want to surprise your mother with a very special thought? Give her a lot of sweetness! Saturday 7th May laboratory for little bakers From 15.00 to 19.30 by the laboratory of Il [...]

Chantilly creams and grenadines

Doughs II

Dough and formation of "pinze mignon" and "chocolate pinze".

Stuffed cornbreads

Dough and products formation


Dough, formation and stuffing of small round pizzas, big pizzas and stuffed calzoni

Doughs II

Complete brioche dough with demonstration, butter melding and brioche creation

Salted dough

Slices stuffed with ricotta, spinach, cold cuts etc.     Visit the Gallery in order to see some shots of the course. [...]

Crust for cakes

Apple dumplings and delicious ricottini.