PasticciARTE courses are starting

After the big success of the premier of June, from 16th October starts PasticciARTE, courses of pastry and bakery art. You'll then download the brochure for the subscription or take it after 11th September in our shops. We'll wait for you in our tasty afternoon courses: 

1Crust and mounted crust: cookies 16/10/15

2Browse for cakes: apples dumplings and ricottini 30/10/15

3Salty browse: slices stuffed with ricotta, spinach and cold cuts, etc. 13/11/15

4Doughs I: complet dough of brioche with demonstration, butter melding and brioche creation 22/01/16

5Pizzas: dough, formation and stuffing of round mignon pizzas, big pizzas and stuffed calzoni 05/02/16

6Stuffed cornbread: dough and formation of products 19/02/16

7Doughs II: dough and formation of mignon chocolate pinzas 04/03/16

8Chantilly cream and grenadine 11/03/16


Il Pane Quotidiano Srl reserves the faculty to postpone the course in case of lack of participants, giving prior communication to the subscribed with appropriate advance. In case of cancellation of the course, Il Pane Quotidiano Srl will reimbource the quotas already paid.

Download the subscription form (165 kB)