PasticciARTE 2017/2018!

And after the soldout of the last edition, also this year we propose our PasticciARTE courses to reveal to whom desires some of our secrets!Let rise your desire to learn ...


The program of our courses?

Here it is:

  1. SORDOUGH STARTER - 20/10/2017: natural leavening, how to create and maintain it, the employ for the preparation of highly digestible products and 100% natual. 
  2. BON BONS - 03/11/2017: from the chocolate tempering to the preparation of various types of ganache dressings.
  3. SHORTCRUST PASTRY EVOLUTION - 17/11/2017: the evolution of classic shortcrust pastry with the most modern tecniques.
  4. PUFF PASTRY EVOLUTION- 01/12/2017: a timeless classic of pastry revised in a modern key.
  5. BIG PIZZA - 19/01/2018: preparation techniques for light and digestible doughs.
  6. PIZZA GOURMET AND FOCACCIA - 02/02/2018: classic pizza and special doughs, preparation of Genoese focaccia.
  7. SPECIAL BREAD WITH OUR WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR - 16/02/2018: bread preparation with our regional whole wheat flour (Mulino Novacco), grinded in our mill.
  8. TORINESI BREADSTICKS - 09/03/2018: dough preparation with whole wheat flour Petra 9 and handmade molding.



Our courses will take place in our point of sale and lab of Strada della Rosandra 50, from 17 o 'clock to 20 o'clock, and will be opened for a maximum of 25 participants.


What is your right recipe?

You can freely choose the courses you want to take part. In fact, we offer to you the possibility to purchase the single course and a set of five or eight courses, then if you have a relative (sons, parents, sisters, brothers) that cultivates the same passion, registering him/her to your own course, we reserve him/her a 20% discount.

The family discount is applicable up to 4 courses. In case of the purchase of 5 or more courses, instead, it will apply the discount reported here below.

Offers cannot be combined with other promotions.


MAX ENROLLED PARTICIPANTS TO SINGLE COURSE                                                                              25 pax

AVERAGE DURATION OF COURSES                                                                                                             3 h.

REGISTRATION TO A SINGLE COURSE OF CHOICE                                                                                   € 45,00 per person

REGISTRATION TO 5 COURSES OF CHOICE                                                                                                € 190,00 per person

REGISTRATION TO ALL 8 COURSES                                                                                                             € 290,00 per person


How to register?

From this year, to register to our courses is even more easy, it is enough to select the courses you want to partecipate and fill the form available in this section of the website. For the payment you can use credit card or a store-value-card on the PayPal network or select bank transfer.

If you want to benefit from "family discount", instead, you have to fill out the paper form available at our office of  Strada della Rosandra 50 (tel. +39 040 9399060, from Mondays to Fridays, from h. 9:00 to 17:00) and to pay with bank transfer headed to: IL PANE QUOTIDIANO SRL. IBAN: IT16 V 06340 02202 100000003221. Description: Corsi Pasticciarte - name and surname of the participant.









Il Pane Quotidiano Srl reserves itself the right to postdate the courses for lack of participants, providing anticipatory notice to registered people with appropriate advance. In case of course cancellation, Il Pane Quotidiano Srl commits to refund the entire eposited amounts.
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